Paper Ronin Martial Arts in Rolla: Dive into Premier Martial Training

From Young Warriors to Seasoned Adults: Join Our Tailored Training Programs in Rolla – Bridging Tradition with Modern Techniques

Discover Paper Ronin Martial Arts in Rolla, where passion meets purpose. Our programs, tailored from young warriors to seasoned adults, not only enhance focus and boost confidence but also offer improved physical fitness and invaluable self-defense skills. Join us in the heart of Rolla and embark on a transformative martial journey.

Little Paper Dragons: Martial Arts Training for Early Child Development

Optimized for Ages 4-6: Enhancing Focus, Interaction, and Physical Skills Through Martial Arts, Play, and Drills

Little Paper Dragons (ages 4,5,6):Thursday 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

The Paper Ronin's little Paper Dragons training program is meticulously crafted for early child development and is tailored specifically for pre-school and kindergarten students aged 4, 5 and 6 years old. This program aids in their development through play-based action scenarios, staged physical challenges, and cognitive development drills. Students are empowered to strengthen their ability to process instructions, focus on objectives, and interact amongst peers, all within an energetic and fun martial arts-based experience.

Junior Martial Arts: Building Confidence, Leadership, and Skills for Ages 7-11

A Fusion of Athletic and Artistic Training: Cultivating Discipline, Self-Control, and Lifelong Martial Arts Techniques

Our Junior Martial Arts program is meticulously crafted to foster confidence and leadership through achievement and physical skill-building. Catering to participants between the ages of 7-11, this program offers a harmonious blend of athletic and artistic elements.


These elements are designed to cultivate young participants into becoming adept martial artists. Beyond mastering martial arts techniques, our program emphasizes the development of self-esteem, discipline, self-control, and the acquisition of lifelong self-defense skills. The curriculum is structured in a manner that makes learning fun and encourages positive work and academic values.

Tuesday  5:50 PM - 6:30 PM Thursday 5:10 PM - 5:50 PM

Teen Martial Arts Excellence: Tailored Training for the Dynamic Teenage Years

Blending Physical Training with Character Growth: Enhancing Fitness, Confidence, and Resilience for Tomorrow's Leaders

Our Teen Martial Arts program is tailored specifically for teenagers, bridging the gap between kids' classes and adult programs. Recognizing the unique needs and challenges of teens, our program is age-specific, leveraging the latest in training methodologies to seamlessly blend physical activity with character development.


The program encompasses striking, kicking, and sparring drills, all aimed at enhancing motor skills, physical ability, and overall fitness. As participants progress, they witness marked improvements in their timing, coordination, balance, and core endurance.


Beyond the physical, our program also focuses on building self-confidence, resilience, and a strong sense of self-worth, preparing teens to face the challenges of the world with poise and determination.

Tuesday   6:40 PM - 7:25 PM
Thursday  6:00 PM - 6:45 PM 

Adult Martial Arts at Paper Ronin: Comprehensive Training for Modern Times

From Core Strength to Mental Toughness: Embracing Traditional Values with Cutting-Edge Techniques for All Skill Levels

Paper Ronin's adult martial arts classes offer a comprehensive training experience that encompasses striking drills, kicking drills, blocking drills, and form exercises. Additionally, core strengthening exercises are integrated to build physical strength and mental toughness. The program is designed to boost confidence, improve flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance, and focus. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced martial artist, the Paper Ronin adult martial arts training program is tailored to provide a challenging and rewarding experience that emphasizes both traditional martial arts and modern techniques.

Tuesday   6:40 PM - 7:25 PM
Thursday  6:00 PM - 6:45 PM

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