Unfold Your Potential with Paper Ronin's Virtual Dojo: Train Anytime, Anywhere

At Paper Ronin, we're committed to your continuous learning and progress in martial arts. That's why we've created Paper Ronin's Virtual Dojo – an online platform designed specifically for you to keep training, no matter what. Whether our physical dojo is closed due to weather, or you just want some extra practice, our virtual dojo is here for you.

Features of Paper Ronin's Virtual Dojo:

  • Accessible Anytime: A wide range of instructional videos and resources, all available at your convenience.
  • Train from Home: Continue your martial arts journey comfortably and safely from your own space.
  • Flexible Practice: Ideal for days when attending the dojo isn't possible, or when you're eager for additional training.

Stay engaged, stay active, and maintain your martial arts discipline with Paper Ronin's Virtual Dojo.

Video level: beginner

Tenets of Paper Ronin 

Tenets of Paper Ronin Martial Arts: Honor, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courage, Community, Strength, Humility, Knowledge. A quick guide to the values that define our practice and community.

Stances: Fundamentals

Discover the Key Elements of Martial Arts Stances with Paper Ronin! In this informative video, we shed light on the importance of proper stances in martial arts.

Kick Essentials

This video focuses on our Red Stripe curriculum, covering Front Kick, Side Kick, and Outside Crescent Kick. Designed for at-home practice, it's an ideal way for students to refine these key techniques. Dive in and elevate your skills with us.

Jumping Front Kick

Jump Front Kick video in our Virtual Dojo! This tutorial is perfect for students who want to add some high-flying action to their martial arts skills.

Progressive Form: Beginner

How to tie your belt 

Curriculum Gallery

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